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William G. Sayegh, the founder of the firm, has strong ties to the Hudson Valley region and is very benevolent to many local organizations. A former Bronx County Prosecutor, he is an experienced trial lawyer who began his career by successfully prosecuting and defending criminal cases involving murder, arson, rape, sale of controlled substances, and RICO, and is skilled in direct and cross-examination of FBI agents, forensics experts, pathologists, doctors, lawyers, police, military officers and servicemen, and experts in blood spattering, fingerprinting and DNA.

Additionally, William serves as counsel to members of the entertainment and sports communities as top salaries, unique royalty structures, and intellectual property issues require a special skill geared toward protecting the clients' earnings, property rights, and career longevity. William Sayegh has practiced in all Local Courts, County Courts, Supreme Courts, J.A.G., Appellate Courts and Federal Courts. William is an active member in the community who donates much of his time and resources to local charities and programs that assist the needy.





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